Numeros Putes Augsbourg

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Standafer - 24 December 03:21

Passionne la fille avec doux visage triste, appeler plus rapide tlphone, je t’attends!

Chavana - 29 January 10:14

Legende: mit Rindfleisch, mit Schweinefleisch. Unsere Saucen sind hausgemacht.

Gabrielle - 25 May 08:31

Can you please talk about ovulation pain and pmdd? As someone who suffers from both it was really scary the first year i had ovulation pain! i thought i had ruptured something and went to the ER. Now every couple months i get really sick/nauseous/feverish when i ovulate and i feel like many people don't know that this is a thing and is pretty normal. Of course i recommend seeing a doctor in these situations in case of a cyst, but it would have been nice for me to know before i paid for the ER

John - 15 November 23:29


Amirian - 17 February 06:53

I think she is talking about pthalates, so close on the spelling! Simply put, they are chemicals found in plastics, especially bendy or squishy plastics (also probably latex condoms that tend to leach out over time. Mounting evidence is showing they can imitate or mess with your hormones, which could cause a host of problems. This doesn't quite seem to fit the context of what she was talking about, though, so I may be wrong.

Tiro - 25 April 16:28

She came times? I don't think where pretty weak on your fuck thrusts. I think the camera turned her on more than you did!